Works or Service

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Works or Service

Message par d.williams » 25 mars 2009, 12:45

I am David Williams, Category Procurement Manager for Queen Mary University London.

I am having lively discussions with our Estates Department as to what activities constitute a Works, and what constitutes a Service.

Estates are adamant that if work required is listed within the Subject list of Section F Annex 1) - Activities constituting works, 45.11 to 45.50 this does not require tendering under the OJEU regulations if the value is under the £3.497 million limit.

As virtually every building activity is listed here, Nothing is being put out via an OJEU tender.

The installation of wiring, Fire Alarms, Boilers, Generators, Decorating etc are NOT listed in the Schedule 3 Categories of Services, therefore our Estates deem these activities as being works.

Supported by OGC guidance I argue that the activities listed in Section F ( Annex 1) refer to those taking place during the construction of NEW structures. Any subsequent work done which maintains or refurbishes existing structures falls under the installation and services regulations if over £139,000 threshold.

I argue that the installation of Boilers, Cabelling, Fire Alarms, Internal / External refurbishment work should be treated as a service or Supply / Service.

I have received many e mails supporting my stance from other Universities, but there are a number who struggle to agree upon what constitutes a works and service.

The general opinion is that the EU definition is very ambiguous.

I also argue that where doubt exists, we should follow the process anyway, however my colleagues in Estates believe there are no doubts.

A swift response with a definitive EU statement (and some examples please) would be very welcome.

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Re: Works or Service

Message par Ceilia » 25 mars 2009, 17:45

Hi there

We have a simple definition between work and services. Services are the one with the pen and Works is the one that requires tools. The big difference is usually Warranties and Insurance, helath saftey and Method statements

therfore Mainetnce become Works. This works also with our lawyers

Regards Ceilia